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Stock, or a capital stock, is the number of all shares issued by a corporation. Cryptocurrency startups and innovative blockchain technology projects are becoming more and more popular among potential investors, as they are very prospective from both the technical and financial sides. Currently, a lot of Bitcoin-related companies offer stocks in order to raise money for future development. Besides cryptocurrency stocks, some companies from various fields active in blockchain technology implementation divide their capital into shares in order to have the possibility of gaining more money. For these investments, there are many websites with blockchain technology stock lists for future investors or there are also blockchain penny stocks for small companies that offer relatively low prices for shares.

분석 기사
한화투자증권에서 리브라가 미치는 시사점에 대한 리서치 보고서를 발표했다. 해당 시사점으로는 결제 산업 진출, 결제 기업들간의 협업, 관련 업계에 영향 미치는 기술 및 규제가 꼽혔다.
증권가에서 바라 본 ‘리브라 발행' 세 가지 시사점 '무엇'?
Vivian Kim