Quantum Computers News

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that uses phenomena occurring on an atomic level to resolve complex problems that are beyond the realm of classical computers. Forming the core of superconducting quantum processors, this technology has made it possible to deliver chipsets with increasing computing speeds. In fact, by modeling atomic behavior that can only be seen under a powerful microscope, quantum computing has made it possible to solve tasks involving multiple variables.

Quantum computing use cases can be found in everyday applications, such as electric vehicles. It is even helping organizations to solve problems such as the energy challenge facing all of humanity in the backdrop of increasing carbon emissions. Quantum computers are smaller and lighter and require far less energy than classical computing systems while being more resilient, even in adverse external environments. Transforming the way computers work, quantum computing is introducing new efficiencies in how humans live and interact in an increasingly connected world.

암호화폐 업계, 양자 컴퓨팅에 대비 해야
구글의 양자 우위, 2020년 비트코인을 무너뜨릴 것인가?
Johann Polecsak
"구글 양자 컴퓨터, 아직 비트코인에 실질적인 위협 되지 않아"
구글의 양자 컴퓨터, 실용화까지는 아직 요원
Joeri Cant
피터 토드, 구글의 최신 기술혁신에 대해 "초보적인 양자 기술로는 아직 비트코인 보안 위협이 되려면 멀었어" 발언
구글의 양자 컴퓨터 기술, 아직 비트코인 보안을 뚫을 수 있는 정도에는 못 미쳐
William Suberg