ConsenSys News

ConsenSys is a global community of developers, businessmen, programmers, journalists, lawyers, etc. made to create and promote blockchain infrastructure and peer-to-peer applications. The organization was founded in 2014 by Josef Lubin and currently is headquartered in New York. It has a subsidiary named ConsenSys Ventures, a blockchain venture production studio. ConsenSys blockchain network is spreading rapidly, as it already consists of over 600 members from various countries. Overall, there are 47 projects under ConsenSys that provide services ranging from consulting to development and issuing of turn-key blockchain-based projects. In addition, there are projects aimed at organizing conferences or meetings, such as the ConsenSys Conference.
이더리움 기반 개발사 ‘컨센시스'(ConsenSys)가 한국 지사를 설립할 예정이다.
컨센시스, 한국 오피스 설립 예정
Vivian Kim