Bakkt News

Bakkt is a cryptocurrency-focused institutional investment firm that was spun out of Intercontinental Exchange, or ICE — an operator of large, regulated exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange. 

In September 2019, the firm launched its much-anticipated Bitcoin (BTC) futures trading platform. While the initial launch was underwhelming, with relatively low volume given the hype, Bakkt announced additional products in the following months such as fully regulated BTC options trading, cash-settled futures and a partnership with Starbucks. 

Since its announcement, Bakkt has caught the attention of the crypto industry, as it marks a serious effort by the world’s largest exchange to onboard institutional investors into the burgeoning crypto asset class.

The firm also generated buzz in the industry after former CEO Kelly Loeffler became the first Republican woman to represent the state of Georgia in the United States Congress where she is expected to support crypto-friendly regulation.

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