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Alistair Milne is a Bitcoin investor, financial analyst and a co-founder and CIO at Altana Digital Currency Fund (ADCF), an open-ended fund investing in cryptocurrency related projects. Alistair Milne has been an internet and mobile entrepreneur since 1996, so by the moment of Alistair Milne’s Bitcoin involvement, he had over 15 years of experience in eCommerce and mCommerce spheres. Alistair Milne holds a bachelor degree in Computing Science. Since 2012, Alistair Milne has been a Bitcoin miner and cryptocurrency trader. In 2014 he and another founder launched ADCF. Besides that, Alistair Milne frequently posts his comments, opinions and predictions about the price of Bitcoin on his personal page on Twitter.
"국경없는 비트코인"-금 현물 배송 어려워 경품으로 비트코인 전달
알리스테어 밀네, 경품으로 약속한 2,600달러 상당의 금괴 대신 비트코인 보내
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